A Fun Method of Bible Study

If I remember correctly I first learned of this Bible study method from a missionary with the Navigators. The method is quite simple: study a book of Scripture, divide it into sections, and summarize each section with a brief (4-8 words), catchy title. I like the method because it engages both the “left brain” (careful observation skills) and “right brain” (creativity).

Here’s what I came up with for the book of Nehemiah a number of years ago. Why not give it a try with some of the Scripture you are studying!

(Picture of the Broad Wall in Jerusalem – see Neh 3:8).

1:1-11 – Jerusalem in disgrace, Nehemiah prays

2:1-10 – King permits Nehemiah’s trip

2:11-20 – Walls inspected, plans detected

3:1-32 – Task shared, Jews begin repairs

4:1-23 – Threats alarm, pray, arm!

5:1-13 – Jews’ usury, Nehemiah’s fury

5:14-19 – Nehemiah refuses power abuses

6:1-14 – Enemies harass, Nehemiah holds fast

6:15-7:3 – Walls raised in 52 days

7:4-73 – Credentials on file of returned exiles

8:1-12 – Ezra reads Law, tears, then joy for all

8:13-18 – As Law dictates, in booths celebrate

9:1-37 – Israelites raise confession and praise

9:38-10:39 – People aligned, to Law they bind

11:1-24 – Who’s who in Jerusalem new

11:25-36 – Who’s who in Judah new

12:1-26 – Generations span priest and Levite clans

12:27-43 – Choirs’ celebration of wall’s dedication

12:44-47 – Just reward for servants of the Lord

13:1-9 – Ammonite Tobiah expelled by returning Nehemiah

13:10-14 – Nehemiah re-invites unpaid Levites

13:15-22 – Nehemiah amends Sabbath sins

13:23-29 – Strong rebuke to intermarriage abuse

13:30-31 – Nehemiah’s plea: Lord remember me


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