Lesson for Today’s Church

If you have read my “Lessons from Church History” (previous post), now it is your turn to chime in. Which lesson do we need to heed most urgently in our generation?



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2 responses to “Lesson for Today’s Church

  1. Alan Weese

    Hi All,

    The area in which I live is rural, with many small churches, most of which are fundamentalist in the way they address Christian belief and practice. Unlike many churches in the city, here churches tend to divide over minor disagreements on peripheral matters. This is not true of all groups in the area, but of enough of them to be a hinderance to the corporate ministry of the Gospel. Even among the members of the local Ministerial Association some are simply too willing to go it alone if they disagree with something. Non-essentials are often viewed as essentials, and each group has their favorite list. There is often much lively worship, and plenty of orthodoxy to go around. So our need is, in this locality, humility.

    Al Weese ’11

    • Thanks, Al – those are some great insights that I’m sure others can relate to as well. These are unfortunate tendencies in many American church circles – perhaps a combination of American individualism and extreme Protestantism. Certainly a strong dose of humility would help.

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